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Dry Rot

What is Dry Rot?

dry rot is a wood destroying fungus that digests parts of the wood which give the timber strength and stiffness. It is a fungus that eats away at the cellulose component within wood turning it brown and ultimately reducing the timber to a dry and crumbly state with noticeable cuboidal fractures.

How Is It Caused?

It is caused when dampness combined with lack of ventilation provides the ideal conditions for fungal attack. It can affect all types of property, historic or modern and can grow within the cracks and cavities in the walls feeding off debris and wood behind the plaster.

What To Do About It?

Because dry rot is such a serious problem, it is important to treat the issue as soon as possible. Without treating the dry rot, it will live and grow, feeding off and destroying the timbers in your property in order to live with serious consequences to the structural integrity of the property. If you do suspect dry rot and you are unsure what to do about it then it is certainly neccesary to speak to us about it and organise a meeting to see if you have dry rot and how much it will cost to fix it.

Examples Of Dry Rot

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